Kawai Tsugite Joint Ring


Kawai Tsugite Joint Ring

 2024アーキテクチャーコレクション プラチナアワード受賞

婚約指輪、または結婚指輪に最適なシルバー製のペアリングをデザインしました。同じパーツをトップに掲げた2つのリングは、一つの直線方向と、2つの直角方向に組み合わせることができます。 「河合継手(かわいつぎて)」という仕組みによって、決して離れない永遠の愛を表現しました。


 Architecture Collection Platinum Award

We designed a new engagement ring. Two rings with the same parts can be combined in one straight direction and in two right angles. Using a mechanism called Kawaitsugite at the tip, we created two silver rings to express an everlasting love that will never be separated.

Once upon a time, Japanese carpenters practiced a traditional construction technique of joining wood together without using nails. Japanese Professor Naoto Kawai applied this mechanism and invented the Kawai Tsugite Joint when he was a student.

Production of these engagement rings began in November 2023 after receiving orders from couples getting engaged or married.

Kawai Tsugite Joint Ring
●材質:本体=Silver 925

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