Atelier opa

ATELIER OPA is recognized internationally for stunning designs and creations. We offer excellent design ranging from products to architecture.


  • 2020 D&AD Awards, Graphite Pencil, "JHF Table"
  • 2020 Kyoto Desgin Award, "Solid Honeycomb Table"
  • 2020 Wemake 最優秀賞 "Solid Honeycomb Table"
  • 2020 Golden Trezzini Awards, Hornable mention, "Boulangerie Django"
  • 2019 Sky Design Awards, Grand Prix Award “JHF Table”
  • 2019 Wood City TOKYO Model Architecture Grand Prix Award, 「みやむら動物病院」
  • 2016 A’ Design Award, Silver Award “Fountain Ring”
  • 2014 iF Design Award “Magnet Binder”
  • 2013 Lexus Design Award “The Drinking Fountain”
  • 2010 Green Good design award, “Wind revolving Lantern”
  • 2010 Design For Asia Award, Silver Award, “Kenchikukagu, Foldaway Office”
  • 2009 Design For Asia Award, Bronze Award, “Mawaridoro, Wind revolving lantern”
  • 2008 Design For Asia Award, Silver Award “Water dome 2007”
  • 2007 Design For Asia Award, Grand Award “Cubic floater”
D and AD awards
sky design awards
Kyoto Design award 2020
A' Design Award
Lexus Design Award 2013
Green Good Design 2010
Design for Asia Award
if design award


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