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Architectural furniture, Kenchikukagu.

Kenchikukgu is an ingenious and user-friendly multinational furnishing system that makes optimum use of living space and complements any interior. It has been designed to serve the practical needs of people who live in the world’s densely populated cities, by allowing them to conjure up an extra room in their small home whenever they need it. So, if they have no kitchen, office or guest room, one can be created by simply opening a unit of Kenchikukagu, just like a suitcase. It can be folded back up again when it is no longer required. The units are mounted on casters, so they can be moved around at will and placed anywhere. When it is not in use, a Kenchikugau unit also serves to segment domestic space.

The Kenchikukagu concept has attracted considerable interest since its creators posted a video about it online in late 2008. It has been reported in design magazines and on TV in Asia, Europa, the USA and Middle east, This indicates the worldwide appeal of foldaway technology that uses space more efficiently flexibly.

The latest versions of Foldayway office with an aluminum honeycomb panel finish, have already launched as Home Office. An automated foldaway guest room unit is also being developed to meet the special needs of the elderly.YouTube

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