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From Nakagin Capsule to Trailer Capsule

ATELIER OPA Co., Ltd. (President Yuki Sugihara) is engaged in design consulting for YODOKO+, a brand of Yodogawa Steel Works, Ltd. The capsule removed from the Nakagin Capsule Tower Building has now been reconstructed as a mobile Trailer Capsule, and has been on display since April 2023. YODOKO+ acquired one of the 23 capsules removed by the The Nakagin Capsule Tower Building Preservation and Revitalization Project (headed by Tatsuyuki Maeda). Toshihiko Suzuki supervised the capsule's design. He worked at Kisho Kurokawa architect & associates from 1984-1990. He is a professor at the School of Architecture, Kogakuin University, and the founder of ATELIER OPA Co., Ltd.

YouTube Trailer Capsule YODOKO+

The caption of the video. Copyright 2023 ATELIER OPA + Takao NISHIZAWA

“Capsules are a home for Homo movens.” Kisho Kurokawa

12 Apr. 2022
at Ginza, Tokyo. Nakagin Capsule Tower Building dismantling work started.

2 Aug. 2022
Crane removed the A1104 capsule. Renovation of the YODOKO+ trailer capsule has begun.

6 Oct. 2022
Capsules are under repair. The right end is A1104.

We removed all asbestos used in the inner wall of the capsule. The original 2.5t structural material was thinned and reduced to 2t.

16 Feb. 2023
Relocation to another factory to be fixed to the trailer undercarriage.

Weigh in at the factory. The maximum loading capacity of the trailer chassis is 2.7t.

A weight of 2.67t was achieved by reducing the weight of the skeleton and interior.

17 Feb. 2023
Vehicle inspection and registration were done at Kanto District Transport Bureau Chiba Transportation Branch Office Narashino Vehicle Inspection Station.

The width of the capsule is 2.7m. The conventional loading limit for vehicles was 2.5m or less, but the 2022 revision of the Road Traffic Law Enforcement Ordinance has relaxed the loading width to 1.2 times.

The time has come when capsules can move freely on public roads.

17 Feb. 2023
The Trailer Capsule arrived at the Plant of Yodogawa Steel Works, Ltd. in Chiba prefecture.

Yodogawa Steel Works Co., Ltd. uses the detached capsule from Nakagin Capsule Tower as a symbol of the design brand, YODOKO+.

A new trailer capsule is completed by reducing the body's weight by thinning out unnecessary structural materials and partially regenerating the interior.

As a brand symbol of YODOKO+.

The capsule removed from the demolished Nakagin Capsule Tower building will be preserved and utilized as the brand symbol of YODOKO+, produced by ATELIER OPA.
The transition from an immovable structure to a moving vehicle was hampered by a significant obstacle: load capacity. However, it was transformed into a trailer capsule by reducing the body's weight by thinning out unnecessary structural members and partially rehabilitating the interior. In April 2023, a home in motion for Homo movens was born.

The capsule was inherited as a historical icon of Japanese architecture.

It is our responsibility as a company of our generation to revitalize and unveil the capsule, a historical icon of Japan's postwar architecture, as well as a message of sustainability to the world—functionality, durability, and design of expandable compact spaces.

Expandability and mobility of space

Yodogawa Steel Works, Ltd., founded in Osaka in 1935 as a steel manufacturer, began manufacturing and selling Yodo-storage sheds in 1970 to fill a shortage of storage space in homes and society. YODOKO's exteriors were developed into houses, carports, garbage collection sheds, garages, bicycle storage, and warehouses, and they continue to this day. Meanwhile, Kisho Kurokawa presented his capsule pavilion at the 1970 Osaka Expo. Kisho Kurokawa advocated Metabolism (the metabolism of architecture and cities) and believed that the pre-fabricated architectural capsule would accommodate the individual lifestyles of the coming information society. Both aimed to make space mobile and responded to the demands of Japan's period of rapid economic growth.

Capsules for Homo movens

In his Capsule Manifesto of 1969, Kisho Kurokawa defined the mobile person as Homo movens and the capsule as a home for Homo movens. 1970's Capsule is a combination office and hotel. Ten sqm interior includes a business desk, dial telephone, lighting, air conditioning, storage cabinets, and a color TV for off-duty entertainment. The 10-square-meter room has a desk for business, dial telephone, lighting, air conditioning, storage cabinets, a color TV for off-duty entertainment, an open-reel audio deck, stereo speakers, and an in-unit bath. There was no kitchen but a typewriter, a small calculator to borrow, and a copying service. Eventually, as if to confirm its foresight, the Internet appeared in the 1990s, cell phones became popular in the 2000s, nomadic workers emerged in 2005, and telework became standard in 2020.

Creation of value with new individuality

The capsule was supervised by Toshihiko Suzuki (1984-1990, who worked at Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates, Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Kogakuin University, ATELIER OPA Co., Ltd.). In 2022, we announced HOME OFFICE from YODOKO+ based on “designing a new normal life.” A suitcase-shaped openable office is a study for Homo Movens. YODOKO+ proposes new tools and environments for Homo movens and pursues mobility, expandability, and space design.

Reinterpretation of Metabolism, Modification to Trailer Capsule

An exhibition where you can see the "YODOKO+ Trailer Capsule"

Admission to the exhibition is free. Pre-registration is required on each exhibition website.
*The trailer capsule will be exhibited at the Yodogawa Steel Works (Yodoko) booth. You cannot enter inside the capsule.

The 16th Exterior x Garden Exhibition (EXG) 2023 Ended.
Period: April 13th (Thursday) and 14th (Friday)
Venue: Makuhari Messe (Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture) Exhibition Halls 4, 5, 6

The 14th Exterior & Garden Fair Nagoya 2023 Ended.
Period: May 18th (Thursday) and 19th (Friday)
Venue: Port Messe Nagoya Nagoya International Exhibition Hall (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) Building 3

Tokyo Trailer Hous Show 2023 Ended.
Period: May 25 (Thursday)- 27(Saturday)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo, Kotoku) West Hall 2

27 Reform & Renewal Show2023 Ended.
Period: May 31(Thursday)- 1 June(Saturday) Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo, Kotoku) East Hall 1

The 16th Kansai Exterior Fair 2023 Ended.
Period: June 8th (Thursday) and 9th (Friday)
Venue: Intex Osaka (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) Buildings 1 and 2

Trailer Capsule Exhibition Hall at Yodogawa Steel Works, Ltd.
* It is not open to the public.

Inquiries about Trailer Capsule and Capsule Construction Project
Yuki Sugihara and Toshihiko Suzuki

Produce: Yodogawa Steel Works, Ltd. + ATELIER OPA Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: Nakagin Capsule Tower Building Preservation and Restoration Project
Interior and exterior construction: Isetan Mitsukoshi Property Design Ltd.
Renovation design: Toshihiko SUZUKI
Design cooperation: Takao NISHIZAWA
Chassis production: Trailer House Development Co., Ltd
Vehicle inspection: Kanto District Transport Bureau Chiba Transportation Branch Office Narashino Vehicle Inspection Station
Capsule weight reduction construction:IEX Co., Ltd
Photo: Shinjiro YAMADA
Web and booklet design: Yuki SUGIHARA
Filming production: Takao NISHIZAWA / buildinglandscape
Copyright: 2023 ATELIER OPA + Takao NISHIZAWA

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AWARD 受賞『黒川紀章のカプセル建築』

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